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Testimonials from past clients continued


What was your initial reaction to my introduction given the unsual nature of my work?

“Difficult to believe as apprehensive.”


“First impression was that the call seemed unbelievable.”


“I could not believe that you found this estate which gives us all of my family an incredible bonus.”


“Thought it was a scam.”


Shock and disbelief but an eventual realization of the possibility of this estate settlement coming to pass with a happy ending through Johan’s communicating skills.”


What information or actions regarding my approach and introduction helped you decide to use my services?

“You did a fantastic and professional job. The money arrived in my account … I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work in this. Thank you for your patience, determination and diligence.”


“I was aware I had a cousin Mary Kate.”


“Johan Boakes gave a good intro and provided info which gave me confidence to assist the findings he had made.”


“Johan contacted us your service have given our families a great gift.”


“Our daughter a Florida attorney investigated.”


“Johan’s sincerity combined with his convincing research of my family made his proposal of representing me a logical and sensible approach. We’re happy with our decision.”


What would you say/advise a future client whom I contact on a similar matter who may be apprehensive about using my services?

“He does excellent work with diligence they were very thorough in their research.

Trust Johan Boakes.

I was very skeptical to start with but I felt so at ease talking with Johan and think of him as a friend with sincere gratitude for your work on our behalf. Forever grateful.”


“I would encourage future clients to assist you even if no to benefit them, the findings may benefit others.

My family are extremely grateful to Johan Boakes. Without Johan’s professional help we would never have known about our family connections. The research that Johan Boakes carried out was far beyond our expectations and we feel he carried out an impossible task and made it look straightforward. Thank you Johan Boakes.”


“You must trust Johan Boakes to help and guide you.

Johan kept us informed thru this long process and he was very reassuring throughout the whole process. Thank you Johan for your incredible dedication and attention to our family.”


“Call me!!

Johan has a brilliant photogenic and photographic mind that dazzled me (and judges) at my kinship meeting. Without any notes he rattled off hundreds of relatives names, deaths, births, marriages, (to whom) children etc. He blew us all away.”


“The confidence in Johan was my greatest source of strength. He was realistic and uplifting during the waiting period. These gifts of his were the best aspects of helping me keep my equilibrium. I have a great deal of respect for him!

Johan certainly earned a testimonial from all of us whom he serviced so well. His calm cheerful and optimistic nature was very much appreciated during the waiting period. He is a people person and won me over from the beginning of our association. His work was thorough and brought the estate closing to a successful end after much effort. I would recommend him to anyone needing this service. Best regards and gratitude.”